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At Chepu Adventures, we are proud to offer safe and low-impact outdoor activities such as kayak at dawn, trekking, birdwatching, mammal watching and photography.

Reservations only for sustainable purposes. Thank you !

All of our activities are zero carbon footprint activities.

Kayak at Dawn

Kayak at Dawn

Kayak at Dawn on the Puntra River on a self-guided tour and experience the magic of paddling surrounded by mist, early sun rays, dead logs, reflections on the water, and bird songs that turns your paddling into a mystical experience and a journey for your senses. Not to be missed!

Included as part of most of our Ecolodge packages.



A large variety of bird species can be spotted and photographed while kayaking or hiking at Chepu Adventures.

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List of birds you can find at Chepu Adventures

Cost: none!

River Otter

Mammal Watching

Kayak along the Sunken Forest which formed when the Chepu Valley flooded following the 1960 earthquake and tsunami.

Chepu is home to Southern River Otters, probably the world's rarest otter. If you are lucky river otters and coypus might escort you while you kayak!



Hike a 12 km round-trip seaside trail with spectacular coastline vistas. Great for viewing shore birds, and tides permitting, you can visit a penguin colony. A 30 minute boat ride is required to cross to the trailhead, which we can arrange for you.

You can also walk directly from the Ecolodge to the dunes and beach at the ocean along a dirt road that passes through the Chepu countryside.

Included as part of one of our Ecolodge packages

Cows pulling a cart

Experience Chilotan Culture

Chepu is a rural town where many residents on our road make a living by traditional farming or seafood harvesting. Explore Chepu while you walk to a local artisan's handicrafts store with beautiful fair-trade products—great souvenirs of your visit to Chiloe and Chile!

Our neighbors occasionally delight guests with special, traditionally-prepared Chilotan curanto lunches. Ask us in advance if you would like to try this and we will try to arrange it!